MYKITA POLARIZED PRO   2019   MYKITA, Berlin (Germany)   Branding, Custom Typedesign, Logo Retouch

Within MYKITAs existing brand typeface, we helped creating a custom type solution for their new released and patented technology POLARIZED PRO. Designed and optimized for large scale and special small scale applications on products featuring this technology.

The advanced lens technology behind POLARIZED PRO delivers superior optical clarity, high definition colour contrast and maximum eye protection in a nine-layer lens. Made with specialized Japanese craftsmanship and expertise, the POLARIZED PRO lenses feature a unique combination of properties that ensure an enhanced performance to conventional polarized glasses. (source: MYKITA)

All model and product images by MYKITA (source:
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All work designed and produced in-house at © MYKITA GmbH.