Roman Tkachenko
Website for Russia/Amsterdam based artist Roman Tkachenko.
2018/19, Amsterdam/Berlin (Netherlands/Germany)

Ceramic installation
2018, Leipzig (Germany)
800 mm × 1200 mm
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Mode A to Z for Fanfare
Book Intervention, ceramic
2018, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
85 mm × 135 mm × 15 mm
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HGB Program
Bimonthly program of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig
2017–2018, Leipzig (Germany)
154 × 468 mm
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Markus Mai
Website for Leipzig/Berlin based artist Markus Mai.
2018, Leipzig (Germany)

Tine Günther
A retrospective catalogue of Leipzig based artist Tine Günther.
2018, Leipzig (Germany)
240 × 300 mm
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Natalia Blahova
Website for Amsterdam based ceramic artist Natalia Blahova.
2018, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Exhibition view of Noren at Lichthof HGB Leipzig.
2017, Leipzig (Germany)
1400 × 1400 mm
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Forming Performing
Thesis design for Gerrit Rietveld graduate Carine Holties (Ceramics Department)
2016, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
148 × 297 mm
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Study of different working situations
Various situations at different places around the globe. 🌍
An active investigation of how to work.
Ongoing research since 2015.

Visual research about mimicry and fluid identities. (Part 01)
2016, Berlin (Germany)
420 × 600 mm

Specimen - Bending moments were always...
Insights on a further thought state than the typeface itself
2016, Berlin (Germany)
375 × 520 mm
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#BFF, Internet doesn't allow me to forget
Typesetting and treatment, published by Diehl Cube Gallery
2016, Berlin (Germany)
135 × 190 mm
with and for Alexandra Bruns

Favorit Lining
A typeface with and for Dinamo
2016–2018, Berlin (Germany)
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I don't have any weapons
Lookbook for Berlin based fashion designer Serhat Isik.
2016, Berlin (Germany)
297 × 210 mm
with and for Johannes Breyer
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Lookbook and custom typeface for Berlin based fashion label Casestudies
2016, Berlin (Germany)
e-book, size varies
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Malerei, Zeichnung und Druckgrafik
Catalogue for Frankfurt based artist Vroni Schwegler.
2014, Frankfurt (Germany)
200 × 267 mm
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Florian David
Website for photographer Florain David.
2017, Frankfurt/Berlin (Germany)

Exhibition announcement of Frankfurt based artist Florian Topel.
2016, Berlin (Germany)
105 × 148 mm
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